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iPhone Users: 

All of our free ringtones are available for direct download in a .m4r format. This is the default iTunes ringtone format. We keep the ringtones in an .mp3 format as well and will make them available upon request. To use these free ringtones, follow these easy steps:

What is a .M4R file?

.M4R files are files that are created for an iPhone ringtone and are made in iTunes.

Once you have downloaded the .M4R, import it to iTunes by either double clicking it, or dragging and dropping it in your library.

The file will now by under the "Ringtones" section of iTunes and will be available to sync to your iPhone.

Other Users:
For all other users, there are two options to get these original free ringtones on your device. We host all of our free ringtones on and they offer a "Send to phone" feature (that we have embedded on our site)  that works great for most subscribers.

We have noticed that Verizon Wireless can be problematic for some people. If this is the case you can download the free .mp3 ringtone directly from our site as well. From there, the directions depend on your specific device.